Disney Musicals and Disney Travel- Great “Firsts” for Kids

The chapter about Disney on Broadway was very interesting for me, because I remembered (or at least knew of) a lot of what was discussed.

I think that the Disney musicals have the potential to be very good shows—The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast certainly show this. But in the case of the other musicals, it seems to me that Disney is trying too hard to rekindle that same glory by going for spectacle, rather than focusing on what could be a truly good film-to-stage adaptation. Not every Disney film is adaptable to the stage; some are just better as films.  Tarzan, Aida and The Little Mermaid all seem to be very showy, with their elaborate sets and costumes. While it worked for The Lion King, it clearly isn’t working as well for these other adaptations, and Disney needs to realize that. I think they need to look for films that have the potential to translate well to the stage, not films that have the potential for a lot of spectacle. If people want spectacle, they should go see Disney on Ice.

Of course, all of the Disney Musicals are good introductory musicals. My first Broadway show was Beauty and the Beast, when I was four or five years old. My brother’s first show was The Lion King, when he was around the same age. If you already know and love the story, or even if you just know and love Disney, you’ll come to see the show, especially if it is already one of your favorite films.

All I could think as I read the chapter on Disney Travel (especially the cruises) was “I want to go to there.” Beyond that, the main thing I picked up on in this chapter was basically the same thing as with the Broadway musicals: the Disney cruises and guided tours all seem really wonderful if they’re going to be a child’s first travel experience.

With the cruises, it seems like they’re all very safe and oriented around providing a kid-friendly atmosphere. And even though it says that there is a lot to do away from kids, I have to wonder what sort of person goes on a Disney cruise who doesn’t have, or at least like, kids? If you don’t want kids everywhere, don’t take a Disney cruise.

And once again, it’s the same deal with the Guided Tours. I love guided tours. They can be really fun. And if you want to go to Vienna or Hawaii or Wyoming or anywhere that offers a Disney Adventure- with your little kids, I think it’s the perfect way to get a child into traveling in a friendly, fun, safe way.

Basically, this chapter gave me extreme wanderlust. Not necessarily to sign up for a Disney vacation—but it definitely sold me on the possibility.


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