Modern Marvels: Disney World

Having just read the chapter in “Rethinking Disney” about situations where the Disney Company failed to take over and develop land in certain places, it’s interesting to watch this clip and see how fondly the narrator talks about Disney World. The archivist who was interviewed in this clip said that there was a lot of speculation at the time Disney was starting to plan the resort complex, as to who was buying so much land. From that, I take it that it was kept secret, at least in the early stages of the project. I wonder if it had been made public that it was Disney who was buying the land, there would have been more of an outcry from environmentalists and/or the residents of central Florida. The only thing the archivist said is that the price of the land would have gone up. There was no mention, at least in this small clip, as to whether there were any objections to the Disney Company completely tearing apart a huge area of natural swamp land.


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